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Motorist Killed in Colton Auto Accident after Tire Fails


Michael Abergel, a Sherman Oaks motorist, died in an auto accident on December 10, 2008 after his Chevy Astro van spun out of control along Interstate 10 in Colton and hit the center divider. Abergel died at the scene. His van crashed along the eastbound lanes at Rancho Avenue. California Highway Patrol officials say the van went out of control after a tire blew out. Our source for this blog is this news report in the Riverside Press Enterprise.

My heart goes out to the family of Michael Abergel for their tragic loss. I offer my deepest condolences to them.

Tire failure or tire tread separation are among the most common causes for drivers to lose control of their vehicles, especially while traveling at freeway speeds. When a tire suddenly fails or blows out, the vehicle tends to go out of control and it’s tough, even for experienced drivers, to control such a situation.

In this Colton auto accident, it is not clear whether the tire was defective or if there was any other problem with the Chevy Astro van. I would suggest that Michael Abergel’s family consult with a reputed California personal injury law firm that handles product liability cases. It is very important that they preserve the Astro van in its current crashed condition. That is absolutely necessary because the vehicle is the main piece of evidence in any case where a product defect is alleged. Preserving it in its current condition will also make it easier for an expert to thoroughly examine it for mechanical malfunctions, product defects and other evidence.

This is also a good time to remind ourselves about the importance of tire maintenance.
According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), properly maintained tires improve the steering, stopping, traction and load-carrying ability of your vehicle. Under inflated or overloaded vehicles tend to be a major cause of tire failure as well. For more information about tire safety, please visit NHTSA’s Web site.

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  1. My condolence to the family of Mr. Abergel.Tire is one of the most important part to check before you drive.It will serve as reminder of the importance of regular checking of tires and other car parts for assurance.

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