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Motorized Scooters Should Use Bike Lanes When Available


According to Motor Vehicle Code 21228, bicyclists and scooter enthusiasts are legally required to ride inside bike lanes when lanes are available. There have been many debates over the importance of bike lanes, and whether they promote or inhibit safety. Here at Bisnar Chase Personal Injury Attorneys we always encourage you to obey the traffic laws and ride your scooter or moped in bike lanes when they are available.

For the purpose of bike lane travel, scooters are mopeds and electric stand-on scooters that are designed to travel less than 30 mph. Vespas, Hondas, and motorcycle-type scooters are not permitted to travel inside bike lanes.

Some things to remember when using bike lanes on major streets are:

  • Car drivers may not pay close attention to those using bike lanes. You should always be prepared for the unexpected.
  • Many novice cyclists and children use the bike lanes. These riders may travel slower than you when riding your scooter. Be diligent and watch for slower moving travelers.
  • Sometimes uneducated or uncaring car owners will park inside bike lanes and create a dangerous obstruction for you. If you must pass a parked car, and leave the bike lane to do so, make sure you do not dart out in front of oncoming cars. This could be a life-threatening mistake.
  • Cyclists and other riders will sometimes stay in bike lanes even when it is unsafe to do so. Riders who are not familiar with “Rules of the Road” will often ride in obstructed lanes, or ride in lanes when they are traveling faster than the other riders. If you are one of these riders, be considerate and avoid collisions with slower riders.
  • Don’t forget there are still moving lanes of traffic on the roads. Don’t turn left from inside the bike lanes, and be sure to travel in the same direction as moving traffic. Traveling with traffic flow is the safest (and legal) way to travel inside a bike lane.
  • City officials are determined to keep all riders safe. Riding inside the dedicated bike lane will be the safest way to travel if that option is given to you. Please see complete listing scooter laws at California Motor Vehicle Code.

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