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Newport Beach Speed Traps


Newport Beach speed traps can be found throughout the city. For drivers who feel the urge to reach the top number on their speedometer, these are the intersections you will want avoid.

Speeding Vehicles Causes Fatal Car Accidents

Approximately 1,000 Americans are killed in speed-related car accidents every month, according to the National Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA). These same statistics estimate the monetary costs of car accidents to be more than forty billion dollars a year. It is really a no-brainer when you think about it. Drive the speed limit and drive defensively. The faster you are driving, the less time you have to react and the longer it will take you to slow down.

  • Pacific Coast Highway and Orange Street Speed Trap: A report from claims that a police bike waits at the bus stop on Orange to catch speeding cars coming over the River Bridge on Pacific Coast Highway.
  • Jamboree Road near San Joaquin Hills Road: A post on claims that a motorcycle officer waits in Park Newport in a small driveway area.
  • Superior Avenue and Pacific Coast Highway: Driving southbound on Pacific Coast Highway you will find a two mile stretch just past Brookhurst street where patrol set up speed traps in various areas.

Drivers Beware

Remember to slow down whenever you approach an intersection. Be aware of pedestrians and other vehicles on the road such as motorcycles. Speed traps aren’t set to anger local citizens; they are in place to save lives.

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