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Obtaining Compensation from State Farm Auto Insurance


No insurance company is easy to deal with after a serious personal injury accident, and State Farm Auto Insurance is no exception. Having almost 100 years to perfect their negotiations in personal injury lawsuits, it comes as no surprise that State Farm has been able to flourish despite the constant complaints on their claim handling process. They know how to sweep claims under the rug and discard accident victim’s rights to the extent that many victims are no longer getting compensation under claims that show clear liability. Many victims have decided to take their minor injury accidents to small claims court to bypass attorneys all together, which isn’t a bad idea.

State Farm Auto Insurance Reviews

As you might be expecting, State Farm isn’t known for being the best auto insurance company on the market. Although customer reviews can sometimes be better than average, this is usually because those customers have never been involved in a traffic collision where State Farm becomes liable for their damages. Auto Insurance companies are in the business to make money, which consists of limiting car accident payouts, turning lifetime customers into lifetime company enemies. Taking a quick glance at web reviews we can get an idea of how customers are feeling about good ole State Farm.

State Farm Strategies

Insurance companies are making it more and more difficult to collect medical costs incurred as a result of minor car crashes. According to a recent 18-month investigation conducted by CNN, you could be fighting for air if you’re trying to get State Farm to pay medical costs, even if the accident was not your fault. In minor injury collisions, it is not uncommon for the monetary damages incurred by the victim to be less than the amount it would cost to go to trial. Giving insurance companies like State Farm way too much power.

If State Farm knows that an attorney will not take your case to trial, what is going to stop them from low-balling you on compensation? They know what you have been through, they know this is not what you deserve, and they know that it is outrageous. They also know that they are making huge amounts of profit off of your struggles and tears and they have no problem with that transaction.

An Indiana woman, Ann Tayler, was one of the unlucky few. Taylor suffered a herniated disc and muscle tears after she was rear-ended by a State Farm insured. Her bills and lost wages totaled nearly $15,000, but State Farm only offered $2,000. This was not nearly enough to repay the amount she owed on medical treatment so she sued. The jury returned with an award of only$1,500 because the insurance company’s attorney showed them an enlarged picture of Taylor’s car after the accident, in which the vehicle had a small dent. He failed to explain the effects of rear-end collisions on a person’s spinal cord and body, even at low speeds.

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