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Oceanside Auto Accident Kills Man


William Charles Duffy, an 82-year old man, died in an Oceanside auto accident on the I-5 after he rear-ended a Sparkletts water delivery truck that was parked on the right shoulder of the freeway, according to an article in the San Diego Union-Tribune.

Duffy, who was driving a Honda Civic, was merging onto Interstate 5 traveling north from Oceanside Boulevard. California Highway Patrol Sgt. Ewe Dorendorf said Duffy had drifted to the right and crashed into the stopped truck. The 22-year-old truck driver, who was not injured in the crash, said there was some mechanical problem with his vehicle.

CHP officials don’t know what caused Duffy to veer off the freeway and crash into the truck. It could have been a mechanical failure or a defective automobile part in the Honda Civic. It could also have been debris on the roadway, a medical problem, another vehicle could have been involved or it could have been driver inattention.

My deepest condolences are with Mr. Duffy’s family and friends.

There are many unanswered questions not only as to what caused this accident, but who is responsible for it. Sparkletts may pursue Mr. Duffy for the damage to their truck. Mr. Duffy’s family may pursue any number of wrongful death and property damage claims.

The Duffy family would be well advised to consult with an experienced auto accident attorney at their earliest opportunity to learn their rights and options.

I recommend the Honda Civic be examined for any evidence of a mechanical failure, a defect or involvement with other vehicles. I’d then look into whether the truck driver was legally parked or created a road hazard.

This auto accident also puts the spotlight on senior drivers and the dangers they face on the road. It reemphasizes the need to increase the frequency of renewals and reexaminations for seniors.

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