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Wrong-Way Driver Causes Orange County Car Accident


Two people sustained injuries in an Orange County car accident, which officials say was caused by a driver going the wrong on Pacific Coast Highway in Laguna Beach. The Orange County Register reports that the accident occurred the morning of January 12, 2010, when man driving a Mitsubishi sedan caused a multi-vehicle crash near the intersection of St. Ann’s Drive. He then tried to flee the scene of the crash and was shot by police. He was transported to a hospital with life-threatening injuries.

Collision Causes Injuries

Laguna Beach police said the driver was traveling at nearly 100 mph seconds before the crash, which involved three other vehicles. Two others were injured, but apparently, those injuries were not major. An investigation is ongoing.

I sympathize with those who were injured and others who witnessed this horrific crash and shooting during the busy morning commute. This car crash could have been a lot worse because of the high speed. I’m glad it did not cause any major injuries to the victims. I wish the two injured victims the very best for a speedy recovery.

Causes and Liability Issues

We still do not know much about this incident. There are many questions here. What caused the driver to go the wrong way on this busy highway? Was he under the influence of alcohol or drugs? Were there other issues involved? There is no question that this driver, if he survives his critical gunshot wounds, will be facing criminal charges in connection with this incident.

Any time an accident involves a negligent driver, the injured victims can seek compensation to cover their medical expenses and other losses and damages. Where negligence or wrongdoing is involved, families of deceased car accident victims can bring a wrongful death claim as well. In such cases, it would be in the victims’ best interest to contact a reputed Orange County personal injury lawyer who will advise them about their legal rights and options. A knowledgeable car accident lawyer can also inform injured victims how their car insurance will apply to a hit-and-run case or an incident involving an uninsured or underinsured motorist.

The Bisnar Chase Personal Injury Attorneys is not representing any of the parties mentioned in this article at the time the article was posted. Our information source is cited in the article. If you were involved in this incident or a similar incident and have questions as to your rights and options, call us or another reputable law firm. Do not act solely upon the information provided herein. Get a consultation. The best law firms will provide a free consultation. We provide a free, confidential consultation to not at fault persons named in this article. The free consultation offer extends to family members as well.

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