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Orange County Sheriff’s Deputy Drives Over Man’s Legs


An Orange County Sheriff’s deputy ran over the legs of 36-year-old Michael Alon-Alon, on October 20, 2008, with his off-road patrol car in San Juan Capistrano, The Orange County Register reports. Alon-Alon, a moving company employee, had to be hospitalized for injuries he suffered in this 10/20/2008 automobile accident.

The deputy, whose name has not yet been released, was responding to a call of suspicious activity on Peppertree Bend. A resident reported seeing two men walking with flashlights and leaving a large truck running. As it turned out, the men were employees of a moving company whose vehicle had broken down and they were waiting for help. The deputy, who did not see Alon-Alon sitting down with his legs stretched out in a grassy area, drove his Chevy Tahoe over his legs.

The deputy has apparently worked for the Orange County Sheriff’s Department for more than 20 years. California Highway Patrol will be investigating the collision portion of the accident. The Sheriff’s Department will conduct an internal review of the incident to determine if there was any wrongdoing or if the deputy could have taken steps to avoid Alon-Alon.

This is an extremely unfortunate accident, which goes to show how even seasoned professionals can make such errors. Although Alon-Alon was sitting on the grass, the deputy should have seen him and maintained sufficient distance so as to avoid hitting him. Just like any other “on the job” driver, this deputy and the Orange County Sherriff’s Department are going to be financially liable for Alon-Alon’s injuries.

Michael Alon-Alon and his family may be well-served getting a skilled Orange County personal injury attorney on this case quickly to ensure that his legal rights are protected. Accidents involving law enforcement officials can be tricky because the offending agency sometimes investigates the accident themselves. In this case, the CHP has taken over the collision investigation. Still, Alon-Alon and his family would benefit by retaining an experienced auto accident attorney who understands local officials and politics – a knowledgeable lawyer who would look out for their best interest.

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