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Ottawa Personal Injury Attorney Concerned about Slashing Medical Benefits for Car Accident Victims


Ottawa personal injury lawyer Brenda Hollingsworth is speaking out against changes in Ontario law that will considerably bring down medical benefits available to car accident victims there. In fact, according to the new regulations for auto insurance in the province, the amount of medical and rehabilitation benefits for those who have suffered catastrophic injuries will be reduced from $100,000 CD to $50,000 CD.

New Law Will Adversely Affect Car Accident Victims

In her interview with Ottawa’s ILSTV, Hollingsworth talks about the significant impact this new law will have on those car accident victims. She says that it will deeply affect those who are seriously, but not automatically deemed catastrophically injured. What this means is people who have serious orthopedic injuries but who aren’t paralyzed, for example, will very likely run out of their medical rehabilitation benefits before they can apply for catastrophic benefits at two years. The other concern is that victims will be left without enough money for important and necessary treatments such as physical therapy, psychological therapy and occupational therapy. They may also not have money to make home modifications such as wheelchair ramps or stair lifts. As Hollingsworth puts it: “$50,000 over 10 years just won’t go that far.”

Victims Faced With Significant Expenses

As California personal injury lawyers, we understand what an adverse and negative impact these changes to the law can have on car accident victims who sustain serious injuries. To have their medical benefits cut in half is catastrophic to these families! Those who sustain major injuries in car accidents are usually out of a job for several months. Many collect disability and eventually end up losing their job. Sometimes, an individual may become disabled for life, leaving him or her incapable of going back to the jobs and the career they once had.

Car accidents are not only physically and financially devastating, but they can also take a severe emotional and psychological toll on victims and their loved ones. These victims and their families need all the resources they can get on their path to recovery. They need all the help they can get to get back on their feet. The medical benefits they get are like a crutch that can help them slowly get there. To snatch away this crutch from an already devastated car accident victim is tragic to say the least! I would like to join Brenda Hollingsworth to oppose these new changes in the law that will, as they say, comfort the comfortable and afflict the afflicted. To read a transcript of her interview, please visit

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  1. I was born in Ottawa and it is a beautiful city. I will bookmark your blog and will be visiting it often to read news about my home town. Thank you.

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