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Passing Cars on Freeways and California Roadways


When you are driving on the roadways of California, Motor Vehicle Code 21753 requires you to yield when passing cars approach you.

If you are driving slower than the rest of traffic, you should drive as far to the right side of the road as possible to allow the cars behind you clearance to see oncoming vehicles in the other lane. When you are driving slower than the rest of traffic, even if you are going the legal speed limit, you must allow cars that are trying to pass you a safe way to go around.

You should never force a passing car or truck to use the shoulder in order to get around you. This is dangerous for both drivers. The overtaking car could accidentally drive off the edge of the roadway and crash. The driver could also overcorrect when pulling back into the road and cause both of you to crash. Stay to the right and allow at least half the roadway for the car behind you to pass.

According to this rule, you cannot speed up to get out of the way of a car behind you that is eager to pass you. There are many who go to court to claim they had to temporarily speed up to pass the car in front of them, just so they can get out of the way of an oncoming rear-approaching car that was flashing its lights. This excuse is especially common on freeways. Driving above the posted speed limit is illegal, and you will still be ticketed. Watch for others and stay safe. However, you should get out of the way of the anxious driver who is trying to get around you just as soon as it is safe to do so.

Drivers should be especially careful when passing bicyclists. Under this law, bicyclists are also required to yield to passing cars. They must get as far right as possible if there is no room for cars behind them to pass safely in the same lane or in the left lane. When you pass a slow moving car, keep in mind that there may be a reason the car is moving slowly, such as driving behind a bicyclists.

Each year many accidents in California are caused by unsafe passing. Drivers are in a hurry, and common courtesy is sometimes forgotten. If you feel you have been involved in an accident because the other driver passed carelessly, then you may have rights to legal compensation.

The personal injury lawyers at Bisnar Chase Personal Injury Attorneys have years of experience getting accident victims the compensation they deserve. If you have been injured in an accident, you have rights that can protect you. Under California law, you may be entitled to recover actual damages, economic damages from lost wages, and emotional pain and suffering damages.

To find out more about California Motor Vehicle Laws please visit California Motor Vehicle Codes.

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