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Placentia Man Dies in Fiery Orange County Car Crash


Daniel Alvarez, 52, was killed in a December 1, 2008 Fullerton auto accident when the 2007 Toyota sedan he was driving crashed into a traffic signal, flipped on its side and caught on fire. According to this news report in The Orange County Register, the Toyota was traveling westbound in the No. 2 lane of Rosecrans Avenue near Emery Ranch Road when the crash occurred. The engine fire quickly spread to the interior of the car, leaving no time for the driver to escape.

Fullerton firefighters responded and put out the car fire, but were not able to save Alvarez, who was the sole occupant of the vehicle. Traffic investigators are apparently still trying to figure out what caused this tragic accident.

My heart goes out to the family of Daniel Alvarez for their loss. I offer my deepest condolences to them.

Based on this newspaper report, it seems as if something must have gone horribly wrong with Alvarez’s Toyota sedan. Going by the reported eyewitness accounts, there were no indications that Alvarez was driving erratically or that he was traveling at a high rate of speed. But it appears that Alvarez lost control of his vehicle in a sudden and unforeseen manner.

If I were a member of Alvarez’s family, I would preserve the Toyota sedan in its current crashed and burned condition so that an expert can carefully examine it for mechanical malfunctions, engine defects and other inherent product and/or design defects.

The family of Daniel Alvarez would be well advised to consult with an Orange County product defect law firm. A skilled personal injury lawyer experienced in auto product defect cases, will be able to utilize experts and other resources to determine what exactly went wrong with Alvarez’s vehicle on that Fullerton street. Alvarez’s family members deserve answers. Police traffic investigators often do not have the time or the resources to go into vehicle product defect issues. A knowledgeable auto product defect attorney will identify and determine who should be held responsible for this horrific accident and the fatality. If a product defect is involved, Alvarez’s family may be able to claim compensation from the manufacturer of the defective auto product that caused this accident.

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3 responses to “Placentia Man Dies in Fiery Orange County Car Crash”

  1. Judy Corral Castillo says:

    I am the cousin of Danny Alvarez and I would like to know where you are getting your information about defects on his car when we do not even know all the details of the accident? Where do you get your information from or are you just a money hungry lawyer looking to profit from a grieving family.

  2. John Bisnar says:

    My deepest condolences to you Judy and to all of Danny’s family and friends.

  3. Judy Corral Castillo says:

    I thank you for your response and I now understand. I will forward the following information to Danny’s family.

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