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Pregnant Woman Killed in Sepulveda Pass Head-On Collision


Los Angeles police officials have identified a pregnant woman who was killed in a November 26, 2008 traffic accident on the Sepulveda Pass as 20-year-old Mirsa Carrillo of Reseda. Carrillo and her fetus were killed in the fatal 11/26/08 head-on collision.
Three children and four adults suffered minor injuries in the accident. Carrillo was transported to a local hospital, but doctors were unable to save Carrillo or her fetus. Our source for this blog is this news report in the Los Angeles Daily News.

No further details have been released about this horrific accident and no one has been cited or arrested pending a police investigation.

My heart goes out to the family of Mirsa Carrillo. It is horrible to lose a family member and even more heartbreaking to lose a much-expected, unborn member of the family. Please keep this family in your prayers. I’m glad that no one else suffered catastrophic injuries in this auto accident, which could have been a lot worse.

There are a lot of questions that arise from this incident. How did the head-on crash occur? Did the other driver run a red light? Was the other driver distracted or driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs? When LAPD concludes their accident investigation, we should have information about who or what was responsible for this tragic crash that took two lives and injured several people.

I’d urge the family of Mirsa Carrillo and the other injured victims to retain the services of an experienced Southern California auto accident attorney, who will be able to help identify the responsible parties in this fatal head-on collision. Those who were responsible must be brought to justice. If alcohol or drugs were involved criminal manslaughter or murder charges could be likely.

A skilled California personal injury lawyer will also be able to determine whether this accident was caused by a dangerous intersection or hazardous roadway condition. If those were factors that contributed to this collision, then the city or government agency responsible for maintaining that roadway or intersection could be held liable. Please remember that any claim against a public entity or government agency must be filed within six months of the accident.

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5 responses to “Pregnant Woman Killed in Sepulveda Pass Head-On Collision”

  1. evelyn carmona says:

    i am unfortunatly one of the people that suffered from this fatal losse of my cousin mirsa carrillo. i was wondering if you had any further information of were it exactly happened or people involved. my family is not notiffied with much if you have any information please send me an e-mail. thank you very much.


    I found out about these devastating news yesterday December 7 2008. Mirsa Carrillo was a good friend of mine and I will miss her.

  3. Aracely Perez says:

    Mirsa was a good friend, a good wife, and if she was just given the chance, she would have been a very, very good and excellent mother.SHe was young, beautiful.It’s just not fair knowing she had to leave as well as the baby who was yet to come out into this world.My heart goes out to Mirsa and her baby for I know God is protecting them.To her family, I give my condolences to you.

  4. Christian Munoz says:

    I loved Mirsa. She was such a great person and helped me get through the worst times of my life. She helped me get through a lot and believe in myself. Ironically Mirsa is the reason I am still here. If it wasn’t for her I probably would of been dead in my own sorrow. She helped me so much, and she was such a great person to me and everyone else. She showed me that life was worth living. She was such a great friend, and full of determination. If she had the chance to be a mother, I have no doubt the child would of been of such respect and great qualities as Mirsa was. As for her family, God bless you. You are very strong for accepting such a loss. My prayers go out for Mirsa, and those who were in her life. Thank you for everything Mirsa. You’re mission in life was completed. I always thought you were an angel, but now I know for sure.

  5. karla lopez says:

    Mirsa was my sister-in-law. She was always nice to me. She was like a sister to me than a sister-in-law. She was an angel. She was never mean. The day she got married was the best day to me because I saw her so happy. I was the flower girl. If only I could tell her how much I love her. Now its to late. Losing her hurts me so much because I can never ever see that beautiful smile of her’s again.

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