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Questions Multiply in Los Angeles Car Accident Involving Police Car


Friends and family of 25-year-old Devin Petelski, who was killed in a Los Angeles car accident after her car collided with an LAPD patrol car, are questioning the actions of police, paramedics and the accident investigation. According to a KPCC news report, the accident occurred on October 16, 2009. Petelski was driving home from the treatment center where she worked as a substance abuse counselor. She apparently stopped her BMW at the Glyndon Avenue stop sign , then pulled into the intersection to turn right onto Venice Boulevard when she collided with the police car. Petelski died on October 18 after she was taken off life support. One LAPD officer suffered a broken right hand and a cut to his left arm and the other officer suffered cuts and bruises.

Tragic Car Accident

My heart goes out to the family and friends of Devin Petelski, who are not only grieving this heartbreaking loss, but are also dealing with a number of questions and concerns. I offer my deepest condolences to them. I also hope they find the answers to their questions and much-needed closure in this case. They deserve to know what really happened here. Petelski had apparently dedicated her life to helping people struggling with alcoholism and had recovered from alcoholism herself . Tragic!

Residents who live in the neighborhood are now saying that they heard neither sirens nor brakes before the crash, just the sound of the collision. Since we blogged about this collision earlier this week, there are more questions now than before, and the LAPD, whose officers were involved in this crash, continues to investigate the fatal car accident. A woman driving behind the police car and saw the crash, apparently said that she saw the patrol car flashing its emergency lights as it drove on Lincoln Boulevard, but the lights were turned off when the car turned onto Venice. Still, the witness said, the police car maintained the emergency response speed of 60 mph on the city street. Several witnesses have said that it took as much as 15 minutes for city paramedics to arrive on scene.

Questions and Concerns about Car Accident Investigation

Police are not saying much at this point pending the investigation. They are refusing to say how fast their officers were going, whether lights or sirens were being used at the time or why their officers were driving on Venice Boulevard. In my opinion, it’s time for the LAPD to turn this investigation over to an outside agency, who may be able to conduct a more fair and objective investigation. Like the family members, I’m also curious about why paramedics didn’t arrive until 15 minutes later when the usual response is three to five minutes. Something doesn’t add up here.

If I were a member of the victim’s family, I would definitely be talking to an experienced Los Angeles personal injury lawyer who will remain on their side, follow up with the official investigation and make sure a fair investigation is being conducted. A skilled car accident lawyer will work hard to protect their legal rights and make sure justice is done here and that the negligent parties are held accountable.

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