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Rancho Dominguez Big Rig Accident Kills Bicyclist


Jakob Scott Weathermon, 20, of Lakewood, was killed in a bicycle versus big rig accident on Sept. 30 after the tractor-trailer struck him at a Rancho Dominguez intersection near Carson, the Daily Breeze reports. Weathermon, who worked in Huntington Beach, was riding a bicycle with a 17-year-old unidentified girl when they were hit by the truck at the intersection of Del Amo Boulevard and Susana Road.

Weathermon and the girl were heading east on the sidewalk and entered the intersection to cross Susana when the tractor trailer, going south, made a right turn, California Highway Patrol officials said. The truck hit the girl first; who got thrown out of the way and then struck Weathermon, running him over. He was pronounced dead at the scene.

My sincere condolences to the family of Jakob Scott Weathermon for their tragic loss.

The press reports do not provide enough detailed information for me to form an opinion as to who is at fault here. CHP officials say it is unclear to them as to who had the right of way. They say the big rig driver’s light was red and it appears that he stopped before making that right turn. I trust the CHP investigation will soon provide us with the details and the exact cause of this bicycle accident.

If the big rig had indeed stopped before turning, then it should have made the right turn at a safe and normal speed. However, the fact that it hit both the bicyclists could mean the driver was possibly distracted and did not see them. If the big rig driver is determined to be at fault in this accident, then both he and his employer could be held liable for the accident, injuries and fatality.

The family of Jacob Scott Weathermon would be well advised to retain the services of a reputed Southern California bicycle accident attorney to protect their legal rights and, should they decide, to pursue a case against the employer of the truck driver.

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8 responses to “Rancho Dominguez Big Rig Accident Kills Bicyclist”

  1. abealexander says:

    rest in peace Jakob. u were a real person, a hero. i @#$%^n love you man. life will never be as good now that your gone.

  2. No Name says:

    Jakob was a great young man he will truly be missed, his father Scott Fackrell who is also a great man misses him dearly and so does his family. NO MONEY can heal this and Im sure that is not what they are after. Jakob actually lived with his father his wife and his son. They had a great relationship. I love you Jake and miss you so much!

  3. ellen alexander says:

    Still in my head. Hedi, hope you and your family are doing great. Ellen

  4. brittany says:

    Jakob you are truly missed.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Jakob I think of you everyday…. I have nightmares every night I can’t eat I can’t sleep it’s been 4 yrs now and I still cry every night… My mommy got me a lawyer when this happened because some investigator came to my house.. I’m 20 now same age as you now honey and I wasn’t 17 I was 16 just barely 16 and I saw him get crushed to death and I still to this day go to physical and mental therapy weekly. I was and still am completely traumatized and Jakob’s dad is a great dad he told me so! He was my best friend I saw him every single day he was the love of my life my trial is over its not about the money how dare you I have over 200,000 dollars in medical alone and I have to get surgery in my neck shoulder and arm I’ve just been so scared to do it but I finally am after I’m finished with my schooling.. Money can never replace him if give everything up that I have the clothes on my back just to hold him one last time… I was a little girl and I still am dont u dare accuse me or blame me I know for a fact it was the truck drivers fault I saw the video footage it was so hard for me…. I’m so sorry for ur family Jakob I tried going to your website today and it was gone :/ I think of u everyday and I can’t get the image out of my head I love u so much…. I miss u I want to hold u the pain never goes away… I just slap a smile on my face in front of everyone but when I’m here alone lying here I just cry and cry and cry and I have a boyfriend now who has freaken cancer that we just found out…and still I’m laying here thinking and crying about you.. Am I nuts? Maybe a little… Idk miss u I wish this never happened and we got sushi that we said like we planned and everything went right it plays over and over and over in my head its uncontrollable…you were the one for me…. Even tho I love my bf it’s not the same.. When will it end…. I miss u I hope your doing well watch over your brother and mom and family I always pray for them… I love you Jakob I can’t stop crying…

  6. Jakobs Uncle says:

    Thank you for your observations, we are also anxious to see what the investigation reveals because the family is mostly in the dark at this time. We have retained counsel and investigators to look at these things. I have to stop responding to articles and making statements that sound like I’m blaming CHP (I don’t want to stop the truth from coming as quickly as it can by damaging relationships with authorities.) My nephew’s memorial site is if you want to learn about what kind of kid he was, and who loved him.

  7. Jakobs Uncle says:

    We are almost two years from the date of the accident, and still do not know what actually caused this. The girl he was with and Jakob’s estranged father have gotten lawyers to cash in on any settlement that may come from Target.

  8. garrett says:

    Been so long bro y do I wake up so many years later an think of the best years of my life an how happy we were as brothers . Il never feel the way I did wen it was all of us as a strong family. I wish you were here. I love you bro

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