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Reseda Hit-and-Run Kills Firefighter


December 4, 2012–Reseda, California–A young man whose dream was to be a firefighter and help others was run down by a hit-and-run driver on Sunday, and his mother is pleading with the driver to come forward.

“Please do the right thing for my family’s peace,” April Price stated in a heartfelt request to the unidentified driver who hit her son, Tommy, 22, on Reseda Boulevard and Bessemer Street around 2:15 a.m. on Sunday. Price was pronounced dead after the accident, and so far police have little to go on in identifying the driver.

Authorities have information that the car involved may have been a 1997 or 1998 grey Tahoe with dark wheel rims and a four-inch lift kit. Any witnesses are urged to contact the police department.

If you have information on this accident and you wish to remain anonymous, you can also contact the Hit-and-Run Reward Program at 1-800-644-8678. A reward of up to $1,000 is offered through this program for information leading to the arrest and conviction of the driver in this case.
My deepest sympathies go out to Mrs. Price during this difficult time, and I hope that the responsible driver will soon come forward or be identified.

Hit-and-Run A Bigger Problem In LA
Hit-and-run accidents are far more common in Los Angeles and its surrounding areas than in other parts of the state or country. While the average hit-and-run accident rate nationwide is around 11 percent, according to the American Automobile Association’s research, another AAA study shows that in Los Angeles the rate may be as high as 44 percent.

Various reasons have been given for the high rate of hit-and-run in Los Angeles, but the reason is not as important as the fact that Los Angeles pedestrians and drivers have a nearly one-in-two chance of becoming the victim of a hit-and-run driver in any given accident.

What Can Be Done To Stop Hit-and-Run?

Legislators, lawyers, and experts are all studying the new data available on hit-and-run drivers to try to determine a global answer to the problem. However, until that happens, individuals can still do their part to stop hit-and-run accidents.

First, be willing to talk with authorities if you are a witness to a hit-and-run. Many people do not want to become involved, but only by speaking up can we expect the police to have the information necessary to bring these drivers to justice.

If you do witness a hit-and-run, try to observe as much detail as possible about the driver and vehicle. Although it is often difficult to catch details when you are shocked by a violent accident, be aware of anything that may help identify the driver. However, authorities encourage witnesses not to try to follow such drivers, as they may be in the process of committing a crime, under the influence of alcohol, or in some other state that might make it dangerous for a witness who followed.

A California car accident attorney can address the issues faced by a hit-and-run victim and help these victims to recover whatever damages might be available in such a case.

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