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Riverside County Motorcycle Accident Kills Couple


Darrell Feuerhahn, 52, and his wife, Debbie, 54, were killed in a Riverside County motorcycle accident on October 10, 2008 when their Harley-Davidson collided head-on with a pickup truck near Granite Pass. According to an article in the Desert Sun, Feuerhahn, a recently retired Redlands fire captain and his wife were riding east on the Aqueduct Road when the head-on auto 10/10/08 collision occurred.

California Highway Patrol officials say the Harley drifted across the solid double yellow lines into the westbound lanes of State Route 62. Officials say the pickup truck driver had no time to avoid hitting the motorcycle. Both Darrell and Debbie Feuerhahn died on impact.

This must be a terrible shock for the family, friends and former colleagues of Feuerhahn at the Redlands Fire Department. I offer my deepest condolences to all who are reeling from this tragic loss.

According to California Highway Patrol’s Statewide Integrated Traffic Reporting System (SWITRS), in 2006, there were 29 motorcycle accident fatalities in Riverside County and 487 motorcycle accident related injuries. Motorcycle accident fatalities are on the rise in the United States with more people owning motorcycles than ever before. Ownership of motorcycles has gone up remarkably in the 50 and above age group over the last two decades. According to statistics from the Motorcycle Industry Council (2004), motorcycle ownership in the 50 and above age group has gone up from 10 percent in 1990 to a little more than 25 percent in 2003.

Initial CHP reports of this Riverside motorcycle accident imply that this crash was Feuerhahn’s fault – that he crossed over the solid double yellow line and caused the head-on collision. But if I were a family member, I would definitely opt for an independent investigation of the accident by an experienced California motorcycle accident lawyer to determine exactly what happened and how it happened. Initial accident reports can turn out false or erroneous. Feuerhahn’s family would also be well-advised to preserve the Harley in its crashed condition so an accident expert can examine the motorcycle for mechanical malfunctions, product defects or other evidence.

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2 responses to “Riverside County Motorcycle Accident Kills Couple”

  1. Jan says:

    I need to comment on this story! I happened to see this accident and was travelling to Parker AZ on the 62 on Friday! Please, i very much feel for these families, but it was clear by the accident, it was the motrcycles fault! he did cross over the double yellow and it was a very blind turn…A second of not a staying in the lane cost this man and his wife their lives-If you would have been able to see the looks on the faces of the people that i think were travelling with them was absolutely heart renching! These bikes are not like cars, it is easy to drift in other lanes! they do need to pay attention! I was very sad all weekend because i could not stop thinking if what i saw out there!! I feel for these families, It is devastating!

  2. chris choumas says:

    i own a trailer in lake havasu nest door to darrell and debbie, they were two of the nicest people you could ever meet.

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