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Riverside County Motorcycle Accident


Man Injured In Riverside County Motorcycle Accident

A man was seriously injured in a motorcycle accident in Moreno Valley the afternoon of March 16, 2009, according to a news report in The Riverside Press Enterprise. The motorcycle crash occurred after a car that lost control and drifted out of a lane sideswiped the motorcyclist. The rider was thrown from his bike and the motorcycle was trapped under the car. Moreno Valley police say the car’s driver became momentarily distracted while heading south on Graham Street causing her to drift to the left, sideswiping several southbound vehicle waiting to make a left-hand turn. The impact of the collision broke the motorcyclist’s leg.

I’m relieved that this motorcyclist did not suffer any catastrophic or fatal injuries as a result of this motorcycle versus auto accident. It is extremely unfortunate that he had to suffer for the actions of a negligent driver. I wish him the very best for a speedy and complete recovery.

According to California Highway Patrol’s 2006 Statewide Integrated Traffic Reporting System, there were no fatalities, but 10 injuries reported in connection with motorcycle accidents in Moreno Valley. In Riverside County as a whole, 29 fatalities and 487 injuries were reported as a result of motorcycle accidents during that same period.

A study by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) lists driver distractions as the leading cause of most car crashes and near-crashes. The study says 80 percent of crashes and 65 percent of near accidents involve some form of driver distraction and most of these distractions occurred within three seconds before the actual crash. According to this research, the most common actions that cause distracted driving and lead to auto accidents include cell phone use, reaching for an object inside the vehicle, looking at an object or event outside the vehicle, reading and applying makeup.

Based on the news account, officials have made it clear the driver had lost control of her vehicle and struck the motorcyclist because of some form of distraction. The injured victim here would be well-advised to contact an experienced Riverside motorcycle accident lawyer, who will help determine negligence on the part of the driver and secure fair compensation to cover medical expenses, loss of wages and other damages. A skilled California personal injury lawyer will also look into other factors that may have contributed to the crash such as a defective or dangerous roadway or other vehicles.

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