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Rocklin Motorcycle Collision Leaves One Dead


Jason Byfield, 23, of Rocklin was killed Sept. 6 after a collision with another motorcyclist in Foresthill. According to this report in the Placer Herald, Byfield was trying to maneuver around a fallen tree on Stock Drive near the Parker Flat off-road vehicle park.

Apparently Byfield and another motorcyclist were both trying to get around that fallen tree from opposite directions, and this seems to have caused this fatal motorcycle accident. The other motorcyclist, 21-year-old Paul Albanese II of Citrus Heights, suffered injuries as well, California Highway Patrol officials said
I offer my deepest condolences to the family members of Jason Byfield who have suffered an irreparable loss. I also wish a prompt recovery to Paul Albanese II.

This is an unusual accident. Pending the outcome of the investigation Albanese could be just as much of a victim of someone else’s negligence as Byfield. If I were representing this injury case, I’d want to know everything about how that tree came to be in the roadway. How long had it been there? Who knew about the tree in the roadway and for how long before the accident? All these questions need to be answered to determine who is responsible for this tragic death. A complete investigation is needed here and should also include roadway inspection for other dangerous conditions and skid tracks or gouges on the roadway.

The families of the accident victims should be consulting immediately with a reputed motorcycle accident and wrongful death attorney. In any motorcycle versus motorcycle crash, it is important to preserve the vehicles until an expert has had a chance to examine them. If the city or another governmental agency was responsible for maintaining that tree then that entity could be held liable. Please remember that any claim against a governmental agency should be made within six months of the incident.

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  1. Friend says:

    I know Jason.I also know the other victim,Pj (Paul). I was very saddened about the death of Jason. Jason has been my brother’s best friend of 12 years.He was just recently in my brother’s wedding.It’s very sad. I thank you for the condoleces,and sure think Jason’s parents do aswell.I will let them know of this story.

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