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Roseville Auto Accident Injures Five


Two people suffered major injuries and three others were hurt after a Roseville auto accident on Highway 20 in which a driver drifted into oncoming traffic and triggered a chain reaction, the Appeal-Democrat reports . The crash reportedly occurred just west of the Sutter Bypass when an eastbound car driven by 20-year-old Chase Morgan struck the rear trailer of a big rig heading west and then bounced off and collided with a westbound Honda driven by 34-year-old Sarab Singh.

According to California Highway Patrol officers, both Singh and Morgan suffered severe leg injuries, but Singh is reportedly still in serious condition. Three others in different vehicles were also taken to the hospital with injuries.

I’m relieved that this auto vs. truck accident did not result in more major injuries or fatalities. I wish everyone who was hurt a speedy recovery. I am also curious to hear what caused Morgan to drift away and strike the big rig, if that is really what happened. Auto accidents are commonly caused by a variety of driver conditions including exhausted drivers falling asleep at the wheel, distracted drivers or an inattentive driver.

From these initial reports of the accident, it seems Morgan caused this highway accident. If that is the final determination, then he would be held responsible for the accident, injuries and damages suffered by everyone else. There is the possibility that other drivers share some degree of responsibility. The victims, especially Singh who seemed to have suffered the most severe injuries in this accident, will be entitled to compensation to cover medical costs, loss of wages pain & suffering, loss of function and disfigurement.

I’d strongly urge Singh and the other victims of this auto accident to retain the services of truly skilled and experienced auto accident attorneys who will advice them of the rights and options; handle the entire claims process, negotiate the best deal or take the case to trial, which ever is in their best interest.

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