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Sacramento County Bicycle Accident Kills Man


Cory Peck, 48, an Antelope area resident, died in an October 2, 2008 bicycle accident after he was struck by a motorist on Blue Oaks Boulevard in Roseville. According to an article in the Sacramento Bee, Peck was riding east on Blue Oaks Boulevard near Del Webb Boulevard and Crocker Ranch Road when an eastbound driver of a Chevrolet pickup, struck Peck. He died at the scene.

Traffic investigators say Peck was wearing a helmet and that his bike had good lighting equipment. The road also has a well-marked bike lane, officials said. According to family members, Peck was on his way to work at the time of the early morning 10/2/08 auto versus bicycle collision. He had apparently been riding to work every day for several years.

I offer my deepest condolences to the family of Corey Peck for their tragic loss.

According to California Highway Patrol data for 2006 there were 5 fatal bicycle crashes in Sacramento County that year. It’ll be interesting to find out what caused the driver of the Chevy pickup to rear end Peck, who was in the bike lane of the three lane road. Police say drugs or alcohol were not a factor in this 10/02/08 bicycle accident. But there could have been other factors. The driver could have been speeding, distracted or even fallen asleep at the wheel and drifted into the bike lane. At this point, based on the news reports, it appears to me that the driver of the pickup was at fault here.

The family of Corey Peck would be well advised to consult a skilled California bicycle accident attorney to investigate this accident and determine who should be held accountable for it. A knowledgeable auto accident attorney will also be able advise Peck’s family if they are entitled to compensation from Peck’s own auto insurance. In the event the pickup driver does not have sufficient insurance coverage, Peck’s family could seek compensation from his uninsured or underinsured coverage.

Peck, a computer technician at a Roseville computer company, was an avid bicyclist and had been riding to work each day for years. According to some comments from readers of The Roseville Star-Tribune Peck had been riding his bike to work to save gas money. Other readers also commented saying that their employers are encouraging them to bike to work to save on gas, but say they are worried when they hear about such tragic accidents. This incident will hopefully remind motorists to be more cautious and mindful of all the other vehicles they share the road with.

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One response to “Sacramento County Bicycle Accident Kills Man”

  1. Peck,s Friend says:

    I am a very good friend of the Peck’s family. I would like to say to the attorney who posted his article. Although you may be right, but you attorney are a heartless bunch of vultures. How on earth can you guys chase around the family and suggested to sue the driver of the vehicle that was involved in the accident at this time? I am sure that he or she is suffering and going through the horrendous experience as we are now with this accident. So if you still have any dignity left as a human being, please leave both families alone so that we can mourn and cope with what happened.

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