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San Bernardino Freeway Motorcycle Accident Kills Loma Linda Man


Ricardo Sanchez Medina, 38, of Loma Linda was killed Sept. 15 in a motorcycle accident on the 10 Freeway in Baldwin Park after he was thrown off his vehicle and run over by a tractor-trailer. According to an article in the Pasadena Star News, police are still looking for the driver of the big rig who fled the scene after running over Medina.

Medina was reportedly riding his 1991 Suzuki when he struck a vehicle and was thrown onto the roadway. Eyewitnesses are describing the big rig as gray or metallic in color.
Police are treating this as a hit-and-run accident and looking for the driver of the tractor trailer.

I offer my deepest condolences to Medina’s family for their tragic loss.

It’s too early to tell who may have initially caused this accident. It could have been Medina’s fault and that cannot be ruled out at this point. But I’m curious about the other vehicle that Medina struck before he was thrown off his motorcycle. The big rig driver who ran Medina over and left him to die on the freeway is a criminal. I trust officials will find and arrest him and hold him responsible for the death of Ricardo Sanchez Medina. It is not only a crime to leave the scene of the accident, but it’s inhumane, immoral and downright despicable!

The family of Ricardo Sanchez Medina should be consulting an established Southern California auto accident attorney immediately. They should have a resource on their side to thoroughly investigate this accident and determine who should be held responsible. The family deserves suitable compensation for their loss and suffering. In this case, the driver of the big rig and his employer could be held financially responsible to Medina’s family.

A skilled personal injury lawyer, who has experience with motorcycle accident cases, will also look into other factors in the crash such as other vehicles that may have been involved and/or a dangerous condition on the roadway. The driver of the tractor trailer may have been under the influence of alcohol and/or drugs. There could also be issues with Medina’s Suzuki such as an inherent product defect or a mechanical malfunction. The family would be well advised to have the motorcycle examined for defects, malfunctions and other evidence by an expert.

If you saw or know anything about this fatal hit-and-run motorcycle accident in Baldwin Park, please call my office.

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3 responses to “San Bernardino Freeway Motorcycle Accident Kills Loma Linda Man”

  1. Jazmine Ukens Medina says:

    Rick was my uncle. and i hope that if anyone knows anything about the dirver of the big rig please call the police or someone who could possibly help find him. he is very much missed and is very much loved. please if anyone has any information please help.

  2. Michele Medina says:

    It’s been 2 years. Still, no one has come forward. But even if justice can’t be served here on earth, I hope you now that God will eventually cut your run down.

  3. richard ramirez says:

    i express my condolences to your loss i was also invovled in a hit and run last4/01/2011 i rear ended a car and they still left the seen!! dont understand why they left me thier when it was my error,i suffered severe head and neck trauma BUT WHY DO THEY LEAVE THE SEEN ??THEY WILL HAVE TO LIVE WITH THAT FOR THE REST OF THIER LIFE GOD BLESS YOU AND YOUR FAMILY

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