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San Diego Street Racing Accident


San Diego Street Racing Accident Kills Young Mom

Alexandria Drake, a 25-year-old Chula Vista woman, was killed in a Ramona auto accident after a 47-year-old man racing a Jaguar on State Route 67 struck the vehicle she was driving, the San Diego Union-Tribune reports. Drake was driving a Volvo with her 7-week-old son in the back seat. She was following her mother who was driving a Mitsubishi Montero. Melvin Pearless, the Jaguar’s driver was apparently speeding at the time and crossed into southbound traffic near Archie Moore Road striking the Montero and then colliding with Drake’s Volvo, which went off the road and hit a tree. Drake died shortly after the accident, but her son, Jaydon, was uninjured.

Eyewitnesses told officials that the Jaguar was “speeding and jockeying for position” with a white BMW. It appeared that the vehicles were racing. Officials are still looking for the driver of the BMW, who did not stop.

My heart goes out to the grieving family and friends of Alexandria Drake for their tragic, heartbreaking and untimely loss. I offer my deepest sympathies to everyone who knew and loved Drake. Please keep them all, especially baby Jaydon, in your prayers.

It is unimaginable that someone would consider putting the rush of speed and racing over the lives and safety of the motorists they share the road with. The price in this tragic incident is the life of a young mother, who now leaves behind a 7-week-old infant. I hope Melvin Pearless is held accountable for his reckless, negligent actions and is prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. Authorities say he is likely to face vehicular manslaughter charges. Pearless should also be held civilly responsible for the damage, loss and heartache he has caused Drake’s family. The other driver who was racing could also be held partially liable for the accident because he was a participant in the illegal street racing.

Apparently, Route 67 between Poway Road and Ramona is considered a dangerous roadway by many as well. It has been the scene of numerous fatal auto accidents over the years and many have called for the roadway to be widened and made safer. But officials have always maintained that the problem is not with the roadway, but with the people who drive on it. California Highway Patrol officials say that between 2005 and 2007, 11 people died and 65 people were injured in DUI-related crashes along that highway.

Alexandria Drake’s family would be well-advised to contact an experienced California auto accident attorney who will fight to protect their rights and make sure they receive the justice and compensation they rightfully deserve. Where there is negligence or wrongdoing, families of deceased accident victims can also file a wrongful death claim, which will help compensate them for medical/funeral expenses, loss of wages, loss of companionship and other related damages. A skilled California personal injury attorney will also be able to look into whether a dangerous roadway condition may have played a part in this terrible crash. If that was the case, the governmental agency in charge of maintaining this highway could also be held liable.

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