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San Diego Car Accident Injures Six


Police arrested two suspected drunk drivers and are looking for two hit-and-run drivers in connection with a March 11, 2010 San Diego car accident, which injured six people on the Interstate 805. According to a news report in The San Diego Union-Tribune, the incident began early morning when 34-year-old Francis Rolan Samson Bueno, who was driving a Saturn, lost control and crashed into the median wall. That car was struck by the driver of a Nissan Sentra who failed to stop in time to avoid the collision. Bueno and the driver of the Sentra, 23-year-old Emmanuel Zapien, were arrested on suspicion of drunk driving. Bueno, Zapien and a passenger in Zapien’s car were injured in this DUI collision.

Series of Accidents and Injuries

A third accident happened when 33-year-old Sean Daniel Franklin, a Good Samaritan, stopped on the right shoulder and was attempting to place flares on the road to divert traffic from the accident site. Franklin was then hit by a four-door 2001 BMW. Franklin sustained major injuries, but the driver of the BMW failed to stop. CHP officials say the car was a white BMW, either a model 330i or a 325, with damage to its right front headlight and side mirror. The fourth crash occurred when Eduardo Michael Diaz, who was unable to stop in time to avoid the traffic ahead, crashed into an unknown vehicle. The driver of that vehicle also drove off without stopping. Diaz sustained major injuries in the collision. Five of the motorists involved were hospitalized with major injuries.

My heart goes out to the injured victims, especially Franklin, who was trying to help and prevent the kind of injuries that occurred after the initial crash. However, he was doing something that was rather dangerous although his intentions were good. I hope and pray that he recovers quickly and completely from his injuries. I also hope that the hit-and-run drivers in this case are apprehended and brought to justice.

Seeking Compensation for Damages

This accident also involves two men suspected of driving under the influence and two other hit and run drivers. Both driving under the influence and hit-and-run are serious crimes under California law.

The injured victims in this case, especially Franklin and Diaz, would be well-advised to consult an experienced San Diego car accident lawyer, who will stay on top of what may involve, a complicated investigation and make sure that their legal rights and best interests are protected. A knowledgeable car accident lawyer should also be able to advise victims about how their car insurance policy applies to a hit-and-run crash or to an incident where the at-fault driver is uninsured or underinsured.

The Bisnar Chase Personal Injury Attorneys is not representing any of the parties mentioned in this article at the time the article was posted. Our information source is cited in the article. If you were involved in this incident or a similar incident and have questions as to your rights and options, call us or another reputable law firm. Do not act solely upon the information provided herein. Get a consultation. The best law firms will provide a free consultation. We provide a free, confidential consultation to not at fault persons named in this article. The free consultation offer extends to family members as well.

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