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San Luis Obispo DUI Car Accident Kills One


Ashleigh Vermillion, 21, of Visalia was killed in a San Luis Obispo County DUI car accident the evening of April 26, 2009 after a suspected drunk driver struck her vehicle on the Highway 41, the Visalia Times-Delta reports. Vermillion was driving a Honda Civic north when a Volkswagen Passat traveling in the opposite direction crossed into the northbound lane and hit the Civic, California Highway Patrol officials said. Masson Blow, 19, of Lompoc lost control of his speeding Passat and crashed into the Civic causing both vehicles to veer off the roadway.

Vermillion suffered fatal personal injuries and was pronounced dead at the scene. Her passengers — 1-month-old Jenna Vermillion and 30-year-old David Treen Jr. — suffered major personal injuries in the car crash. Blow suffered minor injuries. Criminal charges against Blow are pending an investigation.

My heart goes out to the family and friends of Ashleigh Vermillion. I offer my deepest sympathies to everyone who knew and loved Vermillion. Please keep them in your prayers.

According to the California Highway Patrol’s 2007 traffic accident statistics, there were 45 traffic fatalities in San Luis Obispo County, out of which 15 deaths were alcohol-related traffic accidents. There were also 208 injuries reported as a result of alcohol-related car accidents in San Luis Obispo County in 2007.

Driving under the influence of alcohol and/or drugs (recreational or prescription) is a violation of California law. California Vehicle Code Section 23152 (a): “It is unlawful for any person who is under the influence of any alcoholic beverage or drug, or under the combined influence of any alcoholic beverage and drug, to drive a vehicle.”

I sincerely hope the driver who caused this tragic car collision is held both criminally and civilly responsible for his actions. The family of Ashleigh Vermillion would be well-advised to seek the counsel of experienced San Luis Obispo car accident attorneys, who will help protect their rights. A skilled personal injury attorney will be able to examine all aspects of this case, including how the uninsured/underinsured motorist coverage of a car insurance policy may be applied to secure compensation for the injured victims in this tragic car accident.

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54 responses to “San Luis Obispo DUI Car Accident Kills One”

  1. M Garcia says:

    Your article is not accurate. Mr. Blow was not under the influence of anything. It was an accident, nothing else.

  2. John Bisnar says:

    M Garcia,

  3. N Hill says:

    I don’t think it is fair for anyone to judge what happened if they were not there. I know it is sad, and I pray for all the families involved, but you weren’t there. You don’t know what happened. Snap judments aren’t going to help anything or anyone.

  4. Saddie says:

    Yes John, your article clearly stated, San Luis Obispo County DUI Car Accident. He was not under the influence of ANYTHING> Articles like this need to be proof read before printed. Knowing Mr. Blow like I have for several years, he will take full responsibility for his actions, unlike some who suspect things. Right?

  5. John Bisnar says:

    N. Hill,

  6. John Bisnar says:


  7. kim dirksen says:

    I am the mother of the beautiful Ashleigh Vermillion that is no longer with us due to the negligence of Masson Blow’s wreckless driving. Under the influence or not his carelessness and disrespect of the laws we have taken a beautiful person from us with such a bright future. Ashleigh was serving our country in the United States Navy. If Masson Blow had nothing to hide then you tell me why was there not even so much as a breathalyze test taken and why was he not even given a citation? He is responsible for taking a life and should have to pay for that just as any one of us would have to if we had done it. Why is he so special? Maybe he has friends we don’t.

  8. reporter101 says:

    I read this story in the newspaper as soon as it was posted and it did mention possible alcohol use. In fact, if you look at the article, it still has some comments from readers about drinking and driving. Apparently, the newspaper updated the article and has provided more current information, which states that the driver, Mr. Blow, was driving too fast. There is no mention of suspected drunk driving in the updated story. As someone who is in the newspaper business, I can tell you that newspapers constantly “update” their stories. They are trying to get news out in real time. So when the accident occurred, the reporter probably posted the information he or she obtained from officials immediately. But as the investigation progresses, the information changes and it seems to me as if that’s what happened here. This blog says “suspected drunk driver” and that is consistent with the information the newspaper initially put out.

  9. M Garcia says:

    To Ms. Vermillion’s family, as my heart goes out to you I must state that Mr. Blow was given a blood test at the hospital following the accident and as for the citation, that can still happen. It is up to the CHP.

  10. Josh says:

    Kim – I am so sorry for your loss. I believe I am the only eye witness to the crash that took your daughters life and was the first on the scene, I have felt sick about the accident for the past week. My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family and if there is anything I can do for you let me know, I will be checking this blog regularly.

  11. G. Coelho says:

    Josh, There are family members of Ashleigh’s who would like to talk to you would you please contact us at

  12. guest says:

    Mason was not drinking or under the influence of anything. It is ridiculous that he was driving on that road at such a high rate of speed and it is so sad that a young mother was taken when she had so much to look forward to. However, this article is obsurd and should not have been related to a DUI. Why would he be given a breathalyzer when he was in a major car accident on his way to the hospital. A blood test sounds the most obvious and it proves more accurate than the breathalyzer. He was driving too fast, nothing more than that. Get your facts straight!

  13. G Coelho says:

    Josh,(from May 3rd post) Family members of Ashleigh’s would like to have some private contact with you please email them at we think you may be able to answer some of our questions. Thank you

  14. Josh says:

    G Coelho – I sent you a message. Thanks for the info!

  15. Unknown says:

    I think those of you who are upset about the article should wait on the comments. There’s a big possibility that Ashleigh’s passanger passed away this morning though I cannot confirm. Family & friends of Blow will forget the words said in this article 10 years from now. However, the family and friends of these two individuals will remember their loss for the rest of their lives. I understand that you are only defending your friend or family, but now may not be the best time since it is obviously upsetting those who loved the ones involved in this accident.

  16. Saddie says:

    My heart goes out to “everyone” involved. My thoughs and prayers are with each and everyone of the victims involved. However I have not been able to hear any updates on how baby Jenna is, or the other passenger in the auto. Please could someone respond and let me know how they are. I’ve praying each and every day. God Bless

  17. morning mother of 5 says:

    I want all of you to know that it is so petty to be arguing over the arrangement of words in an article. The passanger, David Treen, did in fact die on Friday, May 8. So for you to sit there and argue about a reporter reporting the news, whether acquirate or not, is just insane. There is something so much more important here. Ashleigh, David, and baby Jenna are what’s important here! Who cares about the rest!!!!

  18. kim dirksen says:

    hi josh i would really like to talk to you, privately. i am ashleighs mother. and jennas grandmother. i really just have a few unanswewed questions. please contact me.

  19. Terri Estrada says:

    Ashliegh is my niece and had just begun to start her life. It’s unfortunate that it was cut so short.That she had no control of. But Mason Blow did.He chose to drive like a crazy person and who payed for it?Ash did. Did he even get charged? Who knows? we don’t.And as for those of you who have prayed for the family of Ash,we thank you. And appreciate your thoughts and prayers.And as for the people who say it was an accident, he wasn’t drinking. Who cares, he may as well have been.he made a concious decision to drive his vehicle in such a manner that it took 2lives and left my great niece without parents.2 families with a hole that can never be replaced.We will never be able to tell Ash we love her, hold, her or watch her grow up.But we had no choice, but again mason got to go home get held,and grow up and continue with his life.For this reason we should define the word ACCIDENT.

  20. Becky Whiteside says:

    I am David’s aunt and yes he did indeed pass away. It’s not an accident to drive recklessly at excessive speeds and I hope more young people realize that they are not invincible and every action has a reaction and consequence. To all of Ashleighs family I am so sorry for your loss! I didn’t know her and hadn’t been in David’s life for a number of years but I still can’t believe that all of this has happened in what was an instant…….

  21. Nichole says:

    i jus read the story and it breaks my heart. And with the mother of the little princess jenna is undiscrible. For such a young child who was jus broughtt into the world jus losot her mother all of the sudden leaving familys with questions but no answers. My heart goes out to all familys involved in the crash. Howis jenna doing?

  22. dclawson says:

    I am the mother of David, I want to thank everybody for the thoughts and payers, I would like everyone to know that my sons organs were successfully transplanted, one of the kidney recipients is a 13 year old girl from Cental Califonia along with the other kidney going to a gentelman from the bay area. A mother of three received his liver, David’s heart was successfully transplanted to a gentelmen from the Bay Area, I have also been contacted that his corneas were also used, This is the hardest thing our family has ever gone through….our beautiful Jenna lost both her parents and deseved to have a normal life, and has all been taking away as her future is still uncertain in regards to her medical condition, Ashleigh and David will not be here to see their little girl grow, her first birthday her first tooth, the first steps she takes, not to mention the heartache that will never stop for both my family and Ashleigh’s, Especially for Me and Ashleigh’s mom as a parent you should never outlive your precious children, that being said as far as this being an accident on Mr. Blows part some people need to look up the word!as an accident is a unexpected event, this was no accident when he decided to drive recklessly at an excessive rate of speed at that point and time his vehicle became a weapon, two precious people were killed! and while Mr. Blow was able to look in the eyes of his family, Ashleighs mother was not even able to say goodbye, while we did get to see our son he was in a coma, I pray that no one has to feel the pain and feel the hole that has been left in our lives,and the pain in our hearts as every morning for the rest of our lives we are without our son, Yet I do pray for the mother of Mr. Blow as I too am a mother, Forgive Mr.Blow at this time I cannot, again thank you all for your thoughts and prayers…….

  23. kim dirksen says:

    I am ashleighs mother and jenna maes grandmother. today would have been ashleighs 22nd birthday. she was born on 6-26-87. it was a very sorrowful day for all of us. the only good we have left are the paast memories of her beautiful spirit and our beautiful jenna mae which was ashleighs legasy she left behind. and for everyone asking about her, i am letting you know that the baby jenna mae is absolutely beautiful and precious. she is a miracle from god. she is out of the hospital and living with me and she is a healthy 3 month old little girl. you would never even know she had been in such a horrific accident. shes a very happy baby. its very sad to know that she will never know either one of her parents, because they were taken from her by someone who just didnt care. happy birthday ashleigh! mommy and mckaella and your baby jenna mae love and miss you very much.

  24. kim dirksen says:

    As a parent the biggest fear you can ever have is losing one of your children the way we lost Ashleigh and David. I have finally read the CHP report on the accident and although Mason had a 0.00 blood/alcohol content, his tests doesn’t make him any less guilty. When the cars were towed in, Mason’s speedometer was stuck at 97 miles an hour. Many witnesses stated that he had a s#*t eating grin in his face as he almost drove them off the road, which makes me believe that he was just out having a good time without a care in the world. I also want to thank everyone that gave their statements to the Highway Patrol. Maybe Ashleigh and David dieing won’t be in vain.

  25. F. Gordon says:

    My prayers are with all the families concerned. I attend church with the entire Blow family and have been for several years. I have been out of the country for over 6 months and didn’t know what had happened just that my husband said “the Blow boy was in a fatal accident and he didn’t have any further details. I googled the info and logged on to this site. My first thought was “Oh, my god, he was drinking”. i didn’t think he did that. Then as I read further, I see where a hasty judgment was made.

  26. Guest says:

    Speeding is a crime. He murdered 2 people. Put his little ass in prison. Enough said.

  27. guest says:

    As if none of you have ever speeded before. It is a sad thing that 2 people lost their lives, however GOD called them home and if it wasnt this accident it could of been something else. Mason is having a very hard time dealing with this as the rest of you. Having to live his life knowing he took your children. He is not a person who would want anything like this to happen. He is a good child and always has been. I know its a reaction to point the finger, but never fail to realize, god has the last and ultimate desision in what transpired. They are better off with him. Dont think for a second that his life is not a broken as yours. Do not think for a second that Mason and his family will EVER forget what happened. You dont know them. They will NEVER forget. Mason will always hurt just as the rest of you. Please stop judging him. The Shit face Grin, i doubt he was excited about crashing and killing 2 people. As a matter of fact I know he wasnt and still is not. He should not have been speeding but at the same time everyone has done that at one time, so because a tragic thing happened, dont make him look like a excited killer, he is not.

  28. Anonymous says:

    Am I to understand that GOD chose to take these 2 peoples lives in that accident! Masson Blow is the one who took there lives, How dare you to even try to excuss Masson and blame this as GODs choice! as to the fact of everybody speeding at one time or another, people dont continue THEY SLOW DOWN! when they relize they are going to fast! and why did he continue to drive at 97 to 100 mph recklessly, after he had already forced two other vechiles off the road? also witness stated this went on for miles!! over double line and around blind corners,

  29. Samantha Adams says:

    For your information Masson Blow was not merely going 10 miles over the speed limit. He was going 97 MILES PER HOUR in a 55 MPH zone. That is wielding a lethal weapon. period. I guess if its not your loved one who DIED in a crash and Your niece who is not having seizures and developmental delays because of the brain injury she had as a result of said crash its just speeding.

  30. Samantha Adams says:

    For your information Masson Blow was not merely going 10 miles over the speed limit. He was going 97 MILES PER HOUR in a 55 MPH zone. That is wielding a lethal weapon. period. I guess if its not your loved one who DIED in a crash and Your niece who is not having seizures and developmental delays because of the brain injury she had as a result of said crash its just speeding.

  31. Anonymous says:

    It was not an accident. Especially when faced with the fact that he almost caused accidents before he hit my brother. There are 911 records of calls made that day minutes before he collided with my brother, Ashleigh and my (at the time) one month old niece. Like I said… Look at the police report. The truth is that no one understands how we feel. Unless you have lost a loved one to this you have no clue what you are talking about period. Try telling all these stories about how it was “GOD” who murdered my brother on a joy ride to my four year old nephew who still cries for his daddy.

  32. Anonymous says:

    In regards to all the comment’s posted, The loss of David and Ashley and not to mention little Jenna growing up without her Parents, I hope that Jenna will be be able to have as much as a normal life as possable, I don”t know here she is but I would hope at this time she will be brought up with a young couple that will be able to provide for her as well as be able to be there for her in years to come. As for the family who’s son caused this accident he is guitly! and to whoever mentioned of GOD taking their lives/or it would have happen another way SHAME ON YOU!, these people have lost their children by Masson Blows actions no one eles!

  33. Guest says:

    So now that it is late October of 2009. What was the sentencing for Mr. Mason Blow for taking the lives of someone’s loved ones ? I have Googled his name and there is nothing on him but this site. I am curiouse to know what his punishment was, if any ? Since his mother works for the Lompopc Police Department.

  34. Anonymous says:

    First off prayers go out to families involved. I know personally the Blows and it doesn’t surprise me that Mason is not in jail. Maybe because his mom works for the Lompoc PD. Mason is a momma’s boy punk. What goes around, comes around Cozy. He’s gonna do some time, than what? You can’t use youth football money to bail him out this time. Look in the mirror Cozy. You are the blame for his recklessness and arrogant persona. You will pay for his faults cause afterall he’s just a spitting image of his mama, And don’t believe this garbage he’s a good kid. He’s some suck up punk who took 2 lives from 2 families. The city of Lompoc doesn’t stand behind him not one bit. Justice will be served than a civil suit. Just horrible for the Vermillion and Treen families. May you stay strong and put your faith in the lord. God is good.

  35. Kandys says:

    I am sorry to hear about the two people who died, but I am glad that the baby is doing well. I can’t imagine what these families are going through, including Masson’s. My prayers go out to all of you.

  36. Mr. Hawk says:

    i have known “Mr. blow” for most of his life i do realize that he was not obeying the laws as that is the reason for the crash …. and i have been praying for both sides i am very sad to hear about the mother and father of jenna mae….however having said that i know “Mr. Blow” very well as i said previously and i know that he feels horrible about what happened, he is such a great person and he made a huge mistake…… everyone makes mistakes some are bigger than others and i wish all of this could be taken back as i am sure “Mr. Blow” does as well. NO parent should ever have to outlive thier child…… i will keep praying for all of you…….

  37. Anonymous says:

    Hello I am the aunt of david and even though I haven’t seen him in a very long time I am very hurt and pissed off. For one from what I’ve read the mother of blow works at the police dept then the whole trial should not be set in that town. It will not be a fair trial.and I don’t care who this kid is or where he’s mother works he took 2 lives while drivin recklessly so its not an accident. I love u sis and I’m so sorry

  38. Maria Lewis says:

    To those of you who are praying for the families involved in this accident, I have a request. Can you please add in a little prayer for my 2 sons? They really miss their Dad and it is SO hard to hear them cry at night, knowing there is nothing I can do about it. I mean, what do you tell a 9 and 10 year old child that has lost a parent? How can I possibly make them feel better? Thank you for your prayers! And to Mrs. Dirksen, I’m SO sorry that you were robbed of your daughter! I can’t even imagine! And to Mama Clawson, I love you! And your boys love you! I hope you are okay! S, J, and T, we love you guys too! If you need someone to talk to you know where I am! I will be praying for all of you!

  39. dianne says:

    I’m sorry for the two families loss,but hate only leaves no closure.So at some point all parties involved need to meet,cause it didn’t just affect all involved it affected many. But again i’m so sorry for those that lost love ones.

  40. guest says:

    This is such a sad situation. All of the people who say they ‘know’ what happened. Masson was driving home after a long day in the sun. He was a bit tired and wanted to get home. I don’t believe for a minute he was traveling as fast as the speedometer said!!! Was he going faster than the posted limit? Maybe!! But so has MANY OF YOU who have drivin that road. It is an extremely horrible ACCIDENT that all involved are going to be living with. No you may not want to forgive him, but you really shouldn’t judge him. You DON’T KNOW him!!! This ACCIDENT will never be out of his mind, it will forever haunt him. You all should examine yourselves! I prayed over and over for all involved. And I will continue to pray for the families. And I hope God will show you how to work through your grieve, your pain, and for some of you…your ignorance.

  41. Anonymous says:

    ignorance is to continue to drive at almost double the posted speed limit! ignorance is crossing double lines, running other people off the road, and still not slowing down! ignorance is passing on blinding corners! David and Ashleigh are gone, children were left with no mother no father ! lives have been lost, And ignorance is trying to get off with probation beacause MAMA worked with the police dept. Tell us all again how poor masson is doing, did he enjoy christmas, I now suppose that all the witnesses were lying, and that the speedometor, was tamppered with and its all a conspiracy………

  42. facts says:

    First off I would like to say that because I do not know either families I come from an unbiased position.And now that I understand that the title of DUI is incorrect, I find it the personal responsibility of Bisnar to alter his titles so that it may read true. Having said this, we have a horrible situation that occured on April 26, 2009.A car accedent involving two vehicals in which two lives were lost. Two lives were lost from this accident and one spared. Although two lives were infact taken, does it show “justice” to now take the life of the one that was spared? Mr.Blow may not be facing the death penalty, but by sending a 19 year old college student to prison you are, inturn, ruining the rest of his life.No argument should be made of this statement, prison is PRISON for a reason. Boys that go into a federal state penitentiary will never come out the same.Once you have created a felon, they will be known as a felon for the rest of there lives. Although the convicting families may view this as time served to “pay” for what was taken from them, Blow will never stop “paying” for his actions regarless of jail time. Is that what the families, of the two lost in the car accedent, are aiming for? One might ask themselves, what if the tables were turned and Mr.Blow was now dead? Should the mother of a new born child be sent to prison for the same accedent? After reading EVERY post it seems relavent that both partys WERE INFACT SPEEDING. Which makes my previous point a likely alternate reality. Blow will have to suffer the “consquence of his actions”,enforced by our judical system. Which excludes the psychological damage that could not go without already having taken affect. To the families that lost there son and daughter in the car accedent my heart is with you.That you might be able to see the tremendous effect your charges will have on not only the life of Mr.Blow, the life of his family, and any the lives of any offspring he might conceive in the future. And to the family that also is now faceing losing there son, my sincere apologies for the ignorance of people who post there opions of your son on this blog. It made me sick reading some of these post and I hope you are able to filter through the nonsense.Futhermore may our prayers not be guided by vengence, but in request for the strength of forgiveness. It is here and only here that you will be satisfied.

  43. sherri williams says:

    To day was my very best friends birthday (Kim Dirksin) witch happened to be the mother of ashliegh vermillion who is now deseased, today has been a very sad day for us all, and after reading all these comments has made me really sick to my stomach, i am still very numb about things that have happened, there were more than just two lives taken here, i really and truly wish no harm on mr blow and his faimly, but the law is the law. and i am sure that mr blow and his faimly will be affected by this for the rest of there life, as well as all of us. and i really dont think that mr blow will be treated any diffrent in the court of law just because his mother works for the police dept, i was married to a police of seargant for 17 years and if anything i feel that they would use him to set some examples for there city or county , and if not there will come a day that he will have to face the ole mighty judge, the judge of all man kind ! and if the judge on his sentencing day is not fair about his punishment that he should recieve, he to will answer for that as well. we should remember what jessus said as he hung on the cross suffering for thing that were not his fault but were the faults of others, including the very ones responsible for his torment. he said “FATHER FORGIVE THEM”),for they know NOT what they do (luke 23:34) it is so easy to judge, but the bible tells us that “mercy exults victoriously over judgment” (james 2:13) i do not mean that mr blow is not accountable for his sin-all of us must be willing to take full responibility for our own wrongdoings. one of the main truth that the lord spoke to me while i was dealing with the forgivness with mr blow, and that was “HURTING PEOPLE” (HURT PEOPLE)did you hear that? read it again , there are many scriptures in the bible that tell us that God vindicates (see Isaiah 54:17) God is the one who can recompenses us he is our reward, he is a god of justice, which only he can bring, he alone can repay you for the hurt done to you, and he alone is qualified to deal with yor human enemies, vengeance is mine the lord said, and i will close with this, I forgive mason blow for taking the life of my loved one i choose to walk in your ways, lord. i love you ,and i turn this situation over to you. i cast my care upon you, and i believe you for my total restoration. help me lord; heal me of all the wound inflicted upon my loved ones an myself that have been through this horrible sittuation, I really hope you all find peace…HAPPY BIRTHDAY KIM I LOVE YOU ASH AND KIM AND YOU ARE GREATLY MISSED

  44. Anonymous says:

    In regards to the previous remark posted by “facts”

  45. guest says:

    just to set the record straight to all you idiots that post on here talking about someone you dont know thats just stupid what it come down to is he made a mistake yes is he guilty yes witch he has previously pleaded from the beggining he has never once made any excuse to the court for why this all happend he is going to counceling trying to cope with what he has done will he go to jail IDK should he i say no he is a honor roll student going to college a felony will reuin his life more then this accadent already has in his mind what will sending this kidd to prison do i say nothing he made a mistake that he will garenteed never make again every time he gets behind a wheel of a car this will come to his mind people go to prison because they cant be controlled and that is not the case with Mr. Blow he made a mistake that some of us say we would never make but he thought that two and in a split second everything changed my prayers go out to both families that lost a loved one like someone said befor a parent shouldnt have to barry their children and to you dumb A**es that are bringing his mother into this her working at the lompoc PD had nothing to do with massons case he is being sentenced in SLO just to set the record straight his mom is a great woman and goes out of her way to help any and everyone she can but as you can see shes not going to make everyone happy but to post and say its her fault he is in this situation is just childish

  46. guest says:

    Everyone needs to stop making a quick judgement and think about how you drive as well. How many times are you running late drive over the speed limit. I seriously doubt that anyone that has written a comment on this page has never been pulled over for speeding. Yes i will admit that 97 is way over the line but do not act like you dont speed either.

  47. Cozyb says:

    WOW, to the person who posted on October 28, its only a COWARD that would use my sons accident to hate on me. You really should stay under the rock you crawled out from, but if you ever want to man or woman up, you know where i work and live and your more than welcome to express your opinons of my son directly to me, but in the mean time, get a life and i pray God spares you the kind of pain that you seem so eager to feed off of.

  48. Anonymous says:

    Hey everybody, mad at somebody, If you kill 2 people while recklessly speeding and are about your witts, and not under the influence in which case you have control over what you are doing you only get 1 year in jail! which Mr Blow will only spend maybe 3-4 months. Doesn’t that send a message!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  49. Anonymous says:

    Glad to see you’re reading it, And feeling my pain Mrs. Blow. May god have mercy on you not me. I’m already living a hell you can’t comprehend.

  50. blessed says:

    Some of you are crazy and angry people…understandable so, but to the person who posted on Oct. 28th; you are just plain CRAZY, ignorant, and full of hatred. Get a life! God knows you need one.

  51. Miss_Anonymous says:

    Well now, people that do post their opinions should really consider the following:

  52. vannessa ash says:

    wow….i am absolutely devastated hearing of this just now. ashleigh was my very best friend in elementary school. i remember it was 2nd grade and mrs. griffith had me be her “buddy” so she could get to know her new school better. and from that day on, we were best friends until we hit junior high and high school, we ended up in different crowds… she was much more studious than i ever was and i was very rebellious when i hit puberty… and through the years we slowly lost contact with each other. my dad just told me about this and i had to google it to beleive it. this is an awful thing that no parent should ever have to go through. i lost my boyfriend to a careless accident, and my best friend to a drug overdose a couple years ago, not to mention the countless other friends who have been in unfortunate accidents. as unsettling as this news is, i am glad to hear that her daughter is doing ok, and i will keep both families in my prayers and wish peace in your lives….. again im deeply sorry for this loss.

  53. Alfonso Rodriguez Lopez says:

    Hello kim write although they have al ready past 2 years the sad lost of Ashlei Victoria, it it painfull to lose at loved one because i also happened to me it is a tragedy that is forever tattooed on our heart. i wish you much strength to lethargy to the pain. my e mail me I talk to you, my mother was severiana Lopez Monroy, sister of Maria de la Luz Lopez Monroy,my mother told us of his nephews, Domingo Barreto, Anastacio Barreto, Anita, Santiago Dirksen y Miguel Dirksen. I would like to Know investigate a little more so if ypu try to Know then for many years we ve been looking for… write me, and ask for Kim for you valuable elp… my e mail es o o or that god bendig.

  54. brandon W says:

    I still can’t beleive this happenes, i was a long time friend of ashleigh and has a special place in my heart, will never forget u

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