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Santa Fe Springs Big Rig Accident Kills Man


Fernando V. Lara, 50, of Santa Fe Springs, died October 10, 2008 after he was run over by a 1993 Freightliner big rig. According to an article in the San Gabriel Valley Tribune, Lara was inspecting underneath the truck when the big rig moved forward for some unknown reason. The big rig truck accident occurred on Pioneer Boulevard just north of Slauson Avenue in an unincorporated area, California Highway Patrol officials said.

A Los Angeles County sheriff’s deputy, who saw the truck moving forward with Lara wedged underneath the rear dual tires, removed the keys from the ignition and called CHP. Lara was pronounced dead at the scene on 10/10/08.

My heart goes out to the family of Fernando Lara, who apparently seems to have been at work doing his job when this horrific truck accident occurred. Please keep Lara’s family in your prayers.

For an on-the-job injury, Lara’s family will be entitled to worker’s compensation benefits through the employer, probably the trucking company. However, workers compensation benefits in the State of California are pitifully low and definitely not enough to cover a family for funeral expenses and the loss of their primary breadwinner.

I would urge the family of Fernando Lara to contact a reputed Southern California workers compensation attorney who is experienced in filing “third party claims.” These are basically a claim against someone other than the employer who may be held responsible for the accident, injuries and/or death. To victims and their families, a third party claim is usually worth about 20 times more than the workers compensation benefits they are entitled to.

A skilled top California personal injury lawyer will also investigate the incident thoroughly and help determine what caused the big rig to move forward and run over Lara. It is important to have the big rig examined by an expert for mechanical malfunctions, product defects and other evidence.

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