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Follow the Rules: Staying Safe around Slow Moving Vehicles


California city streets are extremely busy places. Drivers tend to be in a rush and often forget to look for oncoming cyclists, pedestrians, and slower moving vehicles before turning or crossing intersections. California Vehicle Code 21654 makes it a requirement for slower moving vehicles to stay as close to the right side of the road as possible to avoid collisions with faster moving vehicles. By understanding the rules of the road, and watching for potential dangers, you can decrease the possibility of being involved in an accident with other cars.

Crashes involving slow moving vehicles like farm equipment, bikes and buggies account for a large number of rural accidents each year. These slower moving vehicles must use the roads to get to their fields, or to the nearest town, and often drivers are not prepared to share the roads with this slow-moving equipment. By staying as far to the right as possible, the more impatient and faster moving drivers will be able to pass you safely.

Tractors, buggies and bikes are not the only slow moving vehicles sharing the roads with drivers. Many elderly and teen drivers sometimes travel slower than the rest of traffic. This is especially true on busy highways where there is more than one lane of traffic moving in the same direction. If you are not comfortable driving as fast as the rest of traffic, you must stay in the far right lane. Even if you are driving the posted speed limit, you must remain in the right lane if everyone else is going faster than you. Cars traveling just 5 to 10 miles per hour faster than you will have a difficult time avoiding a collision if they don’t notice you are driving slower than them. The best way to avoid an accident is to play it safe while driving. Move over and let faster cars pass you.

If you have been injured in an accident involving a slow moving vehicle, and the accident was not your fault, you may have legal rights that entitle you to compensation. The California Vehicle Code section 21654 was created to make the roads safe for both fast and slow moving cars and other vehicles. If you or someone you know was injured because a driver chose not to follow this law, a good personal injury lawyer like those at Bisnar Chase Personal Injury Attorneys may be able to help you with filing a claim.

At Bisnar Chase Personal Injury Attorneys we want to keep everyone safe on the roads. Learn more about traffic laws for all California residents at California Motor Vehicle Codes.

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