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Street Racing Causes Multi-Vehicle Los Angeles Freeway Accident


One person suffered critical injuries in a Los Angeles County multi-vehicle collision that occurred after one driver, who was racing another car, lost control and crashed. According to this news report in the Los Angeles Times, two cars were racing on the 60 Freeway near the 710 Freeway early morning on January 12, 2009, when the driver of one of those vehicles lost control of his vehicle causing a chain reaction crash involving at least six vehicles.

Los Angeles County Fire authorities said at least one car caught fire. Bystanders were apparently pulling out several people from the flames. One person was taken to Los Angeles County-USC Medical Center in critical condition and one other person was treated for minor injuries at the scene. It is not known if anyone else suffered injuries in this accident.

I’m relieved that no one died in this fiery chain reaction accident. The critically injured auto accident victim will certainly be in my prayers. I hope he or she has a quick and complete recovery and also hope no one else suffered major injuries in this unfortunate and unnecessary Los Angeles street racing accident.

Street racing, whether it is on local streets, highways or freeways, continues to be a deadly problem in Southern California. According to the web site Evo Street Racers, an average of 135 people in the United States die each year in street racing accidents and 51 out of every 1,000 racers get hurt. A majority of the victims, obviously, are other innocent motorists or bystanders.

This Los Angeles street racing accident is yet another example of what devastation speeding, reckless driving and racing on a freeway can cause. Los Angeles County has taken many steps to curtail and deter street racers including issuing more citations and impounding racing vehicles. However, these incidents continue to occur.

The family of the injured victims in this case must pursue the racers and hold them financially responsible for the damages and injuries they caused with their reckless behavior. I suggest that the victims contact a reputed Los Angeles personal injury lawyer will hold the negligent parties and wrongdoers accountable for their actions

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