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Teenager Critically Injured In South LA Hit-and-Run Crash


Pedestrian AccidentBrayan Morales, 13, was critically injured in a South Los Angeles hit-and-run crash.

According to an NBC News report, Brayan was walking with his 18-year-old brother, Esteban who said he pushed the crosswalk button near Wadsworth Avenue and East Martin Luther King Jr.

Boulevard when a speeding car slammed into his younger brother. The collision occurred the night of December 20, 2015.

Witnesses said the middle school student was thrown

about 20 feet in the air from the point of impact. Brayan was treated by first responders at the scene and transported to an area hospital where he is said to be in stable condition and recovering.

There is no information regarding the suspect or the vehicle. The crash is still under investigation and anyone who has information about the hit-and-run vehicle or driver is asked to contact LAPD.

Our thoughts and prayers are with the critically injured boy and his family members, especially his older brother who witnessed the traumatic event. We wish Brayan Morales the very best for a speedy and complete recovery.

Leaving the Scene of a Crash

Based on this news report, it appears that the driver of the vehicle was not only traveling at a high rate of speed, but struck and critically injured the victim and then, drove away from the scene without even stopping to help the child. Outrageous! Leaving the scene of a crash is not only inhumane and irresponsible, but it is also illegal.

Under California law, all motorists are required to stop and remain at the scene of the crash, exchange pertinent information with other parties involved in the incident and most importantly, help injured victims. This could be something as simple as calling 911. The medical assistance victims receive immediately after and accident can make the difference between life and death.

Holding Hit-and-Run Drivers Accountable

If you have any information on this particular incident, please visit our dedicated Hit and Run Reward website at to offer an anonymous tip and to become eligible for a $1,000 reward.

There is no question and injured victims of hit-and-run collision struggle physically, emotionally and financially. In this particular case, Brayan Morales probably has a long road to recovery. His family will incur significant medical expenses, hospitalization costs, expenses relating to surgery and rehabilitation. Until the driver is apprehended they will have no one to hold accountable.

In such cases, an experienced Los Angeles personal injury attorney can help injured victims obtain compensation through their own auto insurance policies and explore other avenues of compensation to help them get through such tough situations financially. The best personal injury law firms will always offer a free consultation and comprehensive case evaluation to injured victims and their families.

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