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Toyota Agrees to Repair Defective Accelerator Pedals


Toyota Motor Corporation has offered to fix the accelerator pedals of up to 4 million cars in the United States, which are subject to the company’s largest ever vehicle defect recall, a Kyodo news report states. Toyota has apparently reached an agreement with the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), which includes the Japanese auto maker’s assurance to voluntarily repair the accelerator pedals. But it is not clear yet how Toyota will repair these pedals.

Largest Toyota Vehicle Recall

Federal officials earlier this month chastised Toyota officials for giving themselves a clean bill of health when a federal investigation was still ongoing. NHTSA officials said Toyota company representatives said through video announcements that there was nothing wrong with their vehicles when in fact the federal agency had determined that there was a design defect involving the accelerator pedal. Toyota recalled 3.8 million Toyota and Lexus sedans after a fatal San Diego car accident in August, which killed California Highway Patrol Officer Mark Saylor and three members of his family. In that case, Saylor’s loaner Lexus went out of control because a defective floor mat jammed the accelerator pedal. A subsequent investigation by NHTSA officials determined that there was a defect in the accelerator pedal’s design, which may have contributed to the fatal car accident in San Diego.

Toyota officials have still not admitted that there were any vehicle design flaws. Toyota officials have maintained that the issue was linked to floor mats and not a vehicle design flaw or problems with components related to braking, fuel or accelerator systems. NHTSA officials say they have discussed with Toyota several vehicle-based issues, which may contribute to pedal interference and a driver’s ability to control or stop the car when the accelerator gets jammed – as it did in that tragic San Diego car accident where the Lexus reached speeds of 120 mph before it crashed and caught fire. The auto maker has agreed to repair the accelerator pedal, but has no plans for a product recall beyond the floor mats, the news report states.

Auto Products Liability Issues

I have a bad feeling about this defective product recall. Toyota is not being forthcoming about the issues involving its vehicles. They have not admitted that there is anything wrong with their vehicles, other than the issue of the floor mats. Not only has the NHTSA found design defects with the accelerator pedals, but the agency has revealed that it has received more than a 100 complaints related to sudden and inadvertent acceleration involving these vehicles. What is Toyota trying to hide? I sincerely hope for the sake of consumers that the NHTSA will force Toyota to take a hard look at all the problems involving these recalled vehicles and fix them. Several lives have already been lost and many have suffered serious personal injury as a result of these vehicle defects. It’s time Toyota stepped up to the plate and stood by its promise of quality and reliability to its consumers.

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