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Truck Accidents in California Become an Epidemic


In 2003, 4,669 trucks were involved in fatalities across America. This number has increased to over 5,000 in 2009. California has had the most total fatalities from vehicle accidents at 5,725 in 2003, including 332 fatal truck accidents. Several recent studies help shed light on the high incidents of truck accidents throughout California and what we can do to curb them.

One study surveyed thousands of commercial truck drivers about falling asleep at the wheel, which statistics show cause approximately 30% of all truck accidents. The results of the study are shocking: 1 in 4 truckers admit to have fallen asleep at the wheel while driving, just in the past month.

The reason so many truck drivers are fatigued and lack proper rest is due to unfairly tight schedules and quotas placed on them by the trucking companies in order to save money. Making over 250 billion a year in profits, the commercial trucking industry has been caught pressuring its drivers to drive illegally without rest and secure loads that are dangerously bulky or heavy on the trucks.

Negligence of product defects and failing to replace old and faulty equipment such as brakes and tires has caused many of the recent California truck accidents as well. It is appalling to realize that many of these thousands of deaths each year could be prevented, especially since most fatalities from truck collisions, over 75%, happen to pedestrians and drivers of passenger vehicles.

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