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Truck Accidents In Huntington Beach Can Be Prevented


Huntington Beach, California is sandwiched in between the popular cities of Newport Beach and Long Beach and is located in Orange County, California. Known as surf city, and with the wide influx of tourists and other industries, traffic accidents, including truck accidents have disproportionately scarred the statistics in Huntington Beach. Often times, these collisions are preventable. If you were involved in a truck accident in or around Huntington Beach, California, you can contact the Huntington Beach Truck Accident Lawyers for free advice and information about your claim for compensation.

By law, trucking companies are required to follow Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations concerning their trucks, equipment and their drivers’ hours on the job. The California department of transportation also oversees the adoption of regulations regarding the safety of commercial motor vehicles such as big rig trucks. Yet many preventable causes of truck accidents continue and include:

Over-worked or fatigued drivers Head-on collisions Truck driver negligence Hit-and-run truck accidents Driving under the influence of alcohol
Trucking equipment failure Drivers using methamphetamines or other drugs to keep them awake Truck defects
Often trucking companies in Huntington Beach and elsewhere do not maintain their trucks properly which may cause tire blowout or other defective or poorly maintained truck parts to cause a truck driver to lose control of his or her vehicle. They also overwork the drivers which cause them to resort to the use of stimulants and other uppers to stay awake when they are sleep deprived. This is all to maintain profits in the industry, yet sadly results in preventable accidents nation-wide.

Driver fatigue is a widespread issue in the trucking industry and one that oftentimes result in serious truck accidents – as service regulations are habitually violated. Vigilant examination of records after an accident often reveals grave and fraudulent violations of those safety regulations. However, trucking companies are only required to maintain many of those records for six months, so it is absolutely essential to contact a Huntington Beach Truck Accident Attorney as soon as possible after an accident has occurred.

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