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Truck Accidents in Westminster & Mission Viejo On the Rise


Westminster and Mission Viejo, California has seen a rise in truck accidents in recent years. Many of these Westminster truck accidents are preventable and a Westminster truck accident attorney can help you if you have a case.

Causes of truck accidents include:

Over-worked or fatigued drivers who have a lack of adequate sleep or rest Truck driver negligence or distracted driving such as texting and driving Hit-and-run truck accidents Driving under the influence of alcohol, methamphetamines or other drugs to keep them awake Truck defects, and other product defects in trucks.

Truck drivers can prevent future accidents such by watching out for the following:

• Trucks that are overloaded: when a trailer is loaded with shipments that are too big for the trailer, there is the chance of the brakes failure or of the truck going out of control.
• Sharp declines: Trucks trying to slow down while descending many times experience problems with their brakes.
• Abrupt turns: A trailer may separate from a truck if the truck jackknifes or if the driver turns too quickly.
• Truck brake malfunction: When the brakes on the trailer fall short of working alongside the brakes on the truck, the trailer may actually separate.
• Trucks that speed: truck drivers should regulate their speed on the streets depending upon the sort of freight they are carrying and the road’s conditions.

Often trucking companies in Mission Viejo, CA do not maintain their trucks adequately which may cause tire blowout or other defective or poorly maintained truck parts to cause a truck driver to lose control of his or her vehicle. They also overwork the drivers which cause them to resort to the use of stimulants and other uppers to stay awake when they are sleep deprived. This is all to maintain profits in the industry, yet results in preventable accidents nation-wide. Contact the Mission Viejo truck accident attorneys today for help with your truck accident case.

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