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U-Turns on California Roads: When Are They Allowed?


The California Vehicle Code section 22100 gives all the rules and regulations for making legal turns and u-turns in the State of California.

U-turns are only allowed in residential districts, and in business districts where openings have been left for you to safely turn around. You may also make u-turns at traffic lights if all oncoming traffic is stopped, and you have a green arrow allowing you to safely make the turn.

If you are driving in a business district, you will see clearly marked intersections where u-turns are legal. Many times, you may need to get to a business on the opposite side of the street that is inaccessible from your current driving lane. When this happens, look for the nearest turnaround spot, or simply pull into a parking lot somewhere and turn around.

Only make u-turns at intersections if you have some form of protection from oncoming traffic, such as a green left-turn arrow for your lane.

If you have missed your turn, never use a fire station parking lot or driveway for a turnaround location. If you are caught pulling into a fire station solely for the purpose of turning around and going the opposite direction, you will receive a ticket that could cost you up to $250 and a day at traffic school.

California is one of the few states that still allow legal u-turns. Even so, make sure it is safe to turn around before making your turn. We at Bisnar Chase Personal Injury Attorneys want to make sure everyone is safe on the roads. However, if you have been injured by a negligent driver who was making an illegal u-turn, you have the right to compensation. Contact a good personal injury lawyer as soon as you can to discuss your claim.

Learn more about California driving laws at California Motor Vehicle Codes.

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