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Yulee Schafer Walks With a Hope to Eradicate Breast Cancer


In the three decades that I’ve had the privilege of representing California personal injury clients, I’ve met and have gotten to know many inspiring people. I’m proud to know these individuals. Yulee Schafer is one of them. This June, Yulee will walk for two days and 39 miles as she participates in the Avon Walk for Breast Cancer in Chicago. My office will be offering our wholehearted support for this noble cause because Yulee inspires us to not only give, but also get up and do something about the problems that we confront in our lives each day.

This year, we will be sponsoring Yulee and will be helping her reach her goal – to get as much contributions possible. What does the Avon Walk accomplish? Money raised from the Avon Walk will help pay for medically underinsured men and women to receive the screening, support and treatment they require. Part of the proceeds will also go to leading-edge research teams that are working hard to find a cure.

The staff here at Bisnar Chase will be given the opportunity to donate with the firm and we hope it helps Yulee and brings research groups closer to finding a cure for breast cancer. Yulee said she is in this because she wants breast cancer eradicated.

“I have several family members and friends who have been diagnosed with breast cancer,” she says. “I also have two young daughters and I don’t want them to ever face it. I just want breast cancer to be a chapter in our medical history like the plague.”

She says it is shocking that every few minutes in this country a woman is diagnosed with breast cancer. Can you imagine, in the two hours you sit down to have dinner with your family, 40 women have been told that they have breast cancer? It’s heartbreaking! Yulee is part of a team called the Yes Mamms. Each participant needs $1,800 to enter the race. Yulee says so far she’s about half way there. Her team’s leader, Jill Weinberger, is an incredible survivor who has remained cancer-free for five years. Yulee said Jill has been a tremendous inspiration to her and others in the team.

This is Yulee’s second straight year participating in the Avon Walk for Breast Cancer. How does she prepare? She says she makes sure she trains diligently every day. Every detail is well thought-out – from the right kind of clothes to walking shoes and the right music in the iPod. Good luck Yulee! We will be cheering for your team and the team here at Bisnar Chase is going to make every effort to help you with this noble cause.

If you would like to help Yulee Schafer, please contact her via e-mail at or call her at 502-608-2687. For more information about the Avon Walk for Breast Cancer, please visit their Web site.

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